Mold Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Choose National Mold Remediation Located in Columbus, OH

Our professional crew is trained to detect all traces of mold and specializes in air quality testing. We’re highly experienced, licensed and insured to assess and address potential mold damage on your property. We thoroughly investigate your property to determine if there are elevated levels of mold present. We provide a visual inspection and also collect air samples to test for the presence of mold.

It won’t take long for spores to settle in and reproduce, so don’t wait. If you suspect that your property main contain mold, contact our team for immediate help. We provide an immediate response and can offer same-day service if it's needed. We offer competitive pricing, flexible appointment scheduling and friendly technicians.

We stop mold in its tracks

National Mold Remediation is qualified to thoroughly inspect your property for any signs of mold. We have provided comprehensive mold testing in Columbus, OH since 2004!

Not only are we Columbus, OH’s preferred mold testing group, we’re contracted by national brands to service commercial buildings across the nation. We’ll take equally good care of you, so contact us for more information by calling 614-231- MOLD (6653).

Has mold damage been affecting your health?

Everybody knows that mold growth can negatively impact health. Whether you’ve been exposed to mold spores in the workplace or you suspect mold is growing in your home, it’s important that you’re aware of the risks. Mold can trigger:

• Asthma
• Allergies
• Skin irritations
• Certain lung diseases

When mold targets your property, it’s only natural to be concerned. You want to protect your family, friends and employees.

Hire National Mold Remediation for expert mold testing – you can rely on us to safely and efficiently test your air quality.

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