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The worst has happened: you’ve located mold growth in your home in Columbus, OH and surrounding areas, and now you’re panicking. How long have they been there, where are they coming from, what will get rid of them for good? You’re not alone. At National Mold Remediation, we handle cases just like yours every day. As long as you act now, you can prevent further damage and shield your family from mold-related health hazards.

Don’t put your family at risk

Don’t put your family at risk

Your safety is our priority. When you call National Mold Remediation for your free estimate in Columbus, OH, you’ll receive a visit from one of our mold specialists. We’ll complete a comprehensive inspection of your home’s trouble areas and devise an action plan. Household mold is more common than you may think.

Our Columbus, Ohio crew can provide you with mold prevention services, too. We’ll identify areas of your home where mold may reoccur and create a mold treatment plan that’s affordable. Sometimes, having work done at your home can be a hassle, but National Mold Remediation pledges to make the process as painless as possible for you.

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